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Golf and Television Won't Make America Great Again
Donald Trump promised "forgotten Americans" he'd be their tireless advocate in the White House. That hasn't quite panned out thus far.
From Inc.
Inc. 08/01/17
How I Created a Billion-Dollar Company
As told to Lindsay Blakely Michael Dubin | Dollar Shave Club → Men’s toiletries Michael Dubin conjured Dollar Shave Club initially as a way to help a friend’s father offload a surplus supply of razors. The idea was good; the marketing, genius. Prop
From New York Magazine
New York Magazine 08/20/17
Now, This Is A Supermodel Ashley Graham Isn't A Sample Size.
ASHLEY GRAHAM’S LIFELONG mission to lift women up has taken on ridiculous, corporeal form today. That form is me, clinging to her arm, trying not to die, as she takes me Roller blading for maybe the third time in my life. “I know you’re nervous. You

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The Guardian
3 min read

Bad Weekend? How Injecting a Virus Into the Brain Could Wipe Your Memory | Mo Costandi

New research shows that weakening the connections between specific groups of brain cells can prevent the recall of fear memories in mice. The study, published earlier this week in the journal Neuron, has led some – including the study authors themselves – to speculate that this will eventually lead to treatments for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and, inevitably, to news stories mentioning the 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, in which an estranged couple undergo a procedure to erase memories of each other from their brains. Woong Bin Kim and Jun-Hyeong Cho of
The New York Times
6 min read

Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism

Kristen R. Ghodsee, a professor of Russian and East European studies at the University of Pennsylvania, is the author of numerous books on European communism and its aftermath, including, most recently, “Red Hangover: Legacies of 20th-Century Communism.” This is an essay in the series Red Century, about the history and legacy of communism 100 years after the Russian Revolution. When Americans think of communism in Eastern Europe, they imagine travel restrictions, bleak landscapes of gray concrete, miserable men and women languishing in long lines to shop in empty markets and security services
ESPN The Magazine
9 min read

Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate

Two thousand words. When ESPN The Magazine called asking for a Love/Hate preview, they said they’d give me 2,000 words. Can you even imagine? I sneeze and it’s 2,500 words. But did I argue? Complain? Ask for more? Of course not. I just smiled and said, “You betcha!” because I’m the kind of swell fella who speaks like he’s in a 1950s sitcom. But it’s fine, really. I’m an agreeable sort. Ask anyone. Hold on, that might not work out. Ask my editors. Wait. Not them. Just ask me. Actually, I’m busy. Take my word for it. So here’s a little fantasy football to get your beak wet, because I’m