Entrepreneur6 min readFashion & Beauty
Eva Longoria: the Best Word for Her Brand Is 'No'
Award-winning actor and serial entrepreneur Eva Longoria moves between industries, constantly looking to challenge the way things have always been done.
Entrepreneur8 min readLeadership & Mentoring
More Women Are Entering Franchising -- and It's Changing the Industry
Women are buying franchises at a rate far faster than men. Now the industry is asking itself: Why?
Entrepreneur3 min read
A Men's Yoga Brand Learns the Real Meaning of Flexibility
In the fall of 2008, after years of beating himself up playing football and lacrosse, Joe Kudla took up yoga. But he couldn’t find much to wear. “Out of 17 million people doing yoga, six million were men—the fastest-growing demographic,” says the 40-
Entrepreneur2 min read
The 150 Fastest-Growing Franchises
Meet the companies that are leveraging their ability to scale fast -- and take their franchisees along with them.
Entrepreneur5 min readEntrepreneurship
From Online to Offline: How Brands Use Big Data to Figure Out Where Their Customers Will Shop
Ecommerce brands are using big data to open stores exactly where their customers want them.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
How Barry's Bootcamp Found Its Perfect Company Mantra
The CEO of Barry's Bootcamp shares how a piece of artwork at a garage sale helped shape the company's mission.
Entrepreneur3 min readTech
When to Use Your Email Signature for More Than a Sign-Off
The email signature can be a powerful marketing tool -- but it can quickly become an irritating vehicle of self-promotion.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
6 Businesses That Need to Be Launched Right Now
Entrepreneur3 min read
Rocking Out Inside Fender's Office
At its new Hollywood headquarters, guitars line the walls and employees are encouraged to play any time of day.
Entrepreneur3 min readLeadership & Mentoring
The Founder of Panera Bread: 'I Wish I'd Fired More People'
After stepping down as CEO in January, Ron Shaich looks back on what he wishes he'd done differently.
Entrepreneur3 min read
When Scaling Your Company, Here's How to Never Lose Sight of Why Customers Fell in Love With Your Business in the First Place
Laura Ashley, Nokia and many others faltered while growing their company. Here's how to not make their same mistakes.
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
To Survive, Sometimes You Have to Let Go of Your Vision -- and Ego
Entrepreneurship means exploring unknown paths, and sometimes that leads a founder somewhere different from where they started.
Entrepreneur3 min read
Figuring Out What Can Sink Your Business -- and How You Can Save It
Here's how to spot hidden weaknesses within your operation and steel yourself for unexpected battles.
Entrepreneur13 min read
'Bar Rescue's' Jon Taffer Isn't Afraid to Call Founders on Their B.S.
The hospitality legend is on a one-man crusade to help entrepreneurs own their failures, get over their hang-ups and succeed.
Entrepreneur14 min readBusiness Biography & History
How One of America's Most Beloved Toy Makers Rebounded From Near Death
Wham-O created the Frisbee, Slip 'N Slide and more. Then it fell into disrepair -- until a new leader came along.
Entrepreneur12 min readTech
Are Influencers Worth Your Money? We Went Undercover to Find Out.
As traditional advertising methods fade, a new generation of young social media mavens -- 'influencers' -- are offering businesses their endorsements in exchange for money or free stuff. But is it worth it?
Entrepreneur3 min read
How Two Young Sisters Are Proving Themselves in the World of Franchising
At just 24 and 22 years old, Jessica and Andrea Perez are getting a crash course in the restaurant business, and fearlessly climbing the steep learning curve at Wing Zone.
Entrepreneur3 min readLeadership & Mentoring
How Going From Owner to Employee Made This Entrepreneur a Better Leader
Rik Nonelle founded Window Genie, grew it for 22 years and then sold it -- but stayed on as president.
Entrepreneur3 min readTime Management
How to Figure Out What Your Time Is Worth
March used to be my NBA-watching time. More than halfway through the season, I’d want to see my beloved Miami Heat scrap (or often stumble) its way toward the playoffs. I’d tune in at home. I’d watch on my phone when out. I’d follow games on Twitter.
Entrepreneur3 min read
5 Ways Franchisees Can Protect Their Business Interests
A longtime franchisee lawyer explains how franchisees can best protect their business interests.
Entrepreneur2 min read
How 7-Eleven Uses Tech to Stay Ahead of Its Competition
The convenience store is teaming up with delivery partners, Amazon and more.
Entrepreneur2 min read
Why Some States Still Don't Have a Dunkin' Donuts (But Probably Not for Long!)
Stay tuned, coffee lovers.
Entrepreneur2 min read
The UPS Store Is Looking to Redefine the Word 'Store'
When is a store not a store? It sounds like a Zen koan, but it’s actually the key to The UPS Store’s new strategy for franchise growth. The UPS Store, says VP of franchise development Chris Adkins, is striving to redefine the notion of a “store” enti
Entrepreneur2 min read
How Sonic Drive-In Prepared for Natural Disasters -- and Then Thrived Despite 2017's Hurricanes
The franchise already broke its record for number of stores opened.
Entrepreneur3 min read
Embrace Your Setbacks -- and Use Them to Your Advantage
As we enter into a new year, I’ve thought a lot about something a woman asked me at the end of 2017. I was a guest on the Never Settle Show, a live-streaming talk show, and she sat in the front row of the audience and stood up to speak. She’s experie
Entrepreneur2 min read
How Fast-Growing RE/MAX Keeps Attracting New Realtors
Because of solid support, the number of agents in 2017 ballooned to 116,000.
Entrepreneur6 min readEntrepreneurship
Actor Terry Crews Talks About the Exhilarating Terror of Entrepreneurship
What Terry Crews -- former NFL player, artist, actor, author and now celebrated furniture designer -- has learned about taking chances, harnessing creativity and barreling ahead.
Entrepreneur2 min read
How Do You Innovate a Barbershop? Ask Great Clips Franchisees.
The franchise is focusing on a digital-first experience.
Entrepreneur5 min readPsychology
The Trick to Creating Superstar Employees? Think of Them as Superstar Employees.
Research shows that your attitude towards your employees may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Entrepreneur2 min read
Taco Bell Is Having a 'Go Big or Go Home' Moment
The company recently announced its plans to expand from 6,500 to 9,000 restaurants globally, and to reach $15 billion in sales by 2022.
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